Art is about findng balance in a chaotic world.

ART by Michelle Baker

 About the Artist:

I was born and raised in the blustery beautiful emerald city of Seattle. I received a BA in International Studies at Seattle University. I just graduated with masters degree in Art Therapy from SVA in N.Y. I have taken art classes in high-school, college, and post-college at Gage Academy of Art. Creativity runs through my veins. I grew up curious and creative. I am currently working as a child therapist in Kirkland.

I remember vividly, sitting in my mother’s bedroom, watching her carefully and thoughtfully create beautiful landscapes out of blank canvases. I sat, watched, and began creating my own pieces of work; allowing my creativity to flourish.




My Phylosophy of ART:

My own preference is acrylic and encaustic mediums.

For me, art is about findng balance in a chaotic world. After taking years off of picking up a paint-brush, while working on my BA, I took up art again, truly in a time of desperation. Art has become my therapy, my self-expression, my meditation. When I feel at loss for words; feeling confused, frustrated, ecstatic, depressed, joyous, etc., I pick up a paintbrush, and allow my emotions to spill out onto my canvas. I am left with clarity, becoming relaxed, engaged, and tranquil. Truly becoming present in the moment, focusing solely on what I am creating with my hands. Art creates a space that allows the subconscious, hidden, verbally inexpressible, a chance to express, be perceived, be received, and felt.


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